I am Amanda McCurley: graphic designer and mixed media artist. I have been intrigued by the arts from an early age, and have always enjoyed the creative process. The act of creating, the very process of it, is how I work through the stresses of life, both public stresses we all have in common, as well as personal. I enjoy learning about the process of others and studying techniques and applications of various mediums. After pursuing an English degree at Middle Tennessee State University, I started to feel that writing was not enough. I needed to process and communicate through other mediums. So, I attended Nashville State Community College and received an A.A.S. degree in Visual Communications with a concentration in Graphic Design. 
When I moved to Nashville my first job was at a well known bead shop in town. As per their employment requirements, I was to take every jewelry class they offered, and teach a few as well. I took most and taught some, and learned right away I loved everything about metal work - the sound of the hammer, the intense concentration   required when working with a jeweler's saw, and most definitely the fire from the torch when soldering.  Eventually I wanted to learn how to do more in the jewelry industry, so I was gifted a silver smithing class at Vanderbilt University's Sarratt Art Center. While attending both MTSU and NSCC, I worked for several prominent and successful jewelers in Nashville. I learned so much from the women I worked for and worked with; each one a generosity of knowledge. All this knowledge and experience culminating into what I consider my job - to create. 
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